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      The bandages by equimus are made of a material mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester. They are ideal as training bandages for protection during training, but can also be used for stability or, used as stability bandages. 

      The material composition is not only particularly resistant and robust against external influences, it feels also soft and comfortable. Furthermore it warms the sensitive horse's legs from the beginning on and thus supports the warm-up phase of the tendons and ligaments from the outside. During training, the horse's legs are optimally protected against injuries by the equimus bandages. 

      Our bandages can be applied directly or also used with pads, depending on your preference. The soft material adapts optimally to the natural anatomy of every horse's leg and offers a comfortable wearing experience. Due to the elasticity your horse is not restricted in its movement. 

      The set of four bandages is packed in a bag, which is made of organic cotton on one side and a nylon net on the other. This way the bandages are permanently ventilated and the bag is ideal as a wash bag.

      The bandages of equimus can easily be machine washed at 30°.