The sustainable equimus Shirts are not just suited for riding - instead, you can wear them everywhere you want. The fashionable, responsible equestrian is always dressed perfectly.

      We offer shirts made from different materials, depending on your requirements. All materials are environmentally concious: We use solely organic and sustainable fabrics like recycled polyester, lyocell, organic cotton or merino wool.

      While sustainability is the base for all our clothes, we also vhighly value quality, functionality, comfort, durability and clean, modern design.

      Our long-sleeve shirt "be fresh" is made from lyocell and feels lie a second skin. Lyocell as a cooling effect on the skin during physical activity and a warming effect during rest. Furthermore, the biocompatible finishing is antibacterial and prevents unpleasant odor.

      The mid-layer shirt "Ava" protects you on colder days: Either as a second layer on top of your base layer shirt or on its own. The combination of wool and lyocell keeps you warm and cozy.