The EVERYDAY collection by equimus is sustainable, functional, high-quality and impresses with its classic, timeless design. It is the ideal equipment for the responsible, stylish rider.

      Our saddle pads, bandages and horse rugs are the perfect equipment for the daily work with your horse and make every day a special one. 

      The exclusive application of high-quality materials and the finest processing in every detail make the products particularly robust and durable. In our EVERYDAY collection we deliberately avoid fashionable gimmicks and focus on the natural aesthetics and durability of high-quality products - because only what is well made can be beautiful. 

      When selecting our colour palette, we use classic colours that are interpreted in a modern way and harmonise with each other. Thus, all products of the EVERYDAY collection can be combined with each other without any problems. 

      EVERYDAY by equimus makes every day a special one.