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Welcome to the equimus Academy

Sustainability for us also means that we promote equestrian sports and support a sound training of horse and rider. Therefore, together with our #teamequimus, we give you exclusive insights into the day-to-day training of riders. Whether jumping, dressage or eventing - we show you how young talents, trainers and professionals go about their daily work with different horses.

Train together with #teamequimus

Our training insights are organized by individual modules. Divided into jumping, dressage and eventing, our team riders show you how they work with their sport partners, from warm-up to cavaletti work to high dressage. You want to be informed about new modules? Then sign up for our newsletter.

equimus Academy mit Nicola Bauer Rona: Aufwärmen Training Dressur

The equimus Academy units

You are simply interested in how our team riders deal with their horses in their daily work? Or are you looking for a solution to a specific problem? Jana Lang, Anna Siemer, Nicoala Baur-Rona and many other top riders show how they train with different horses of all ages and develop them.

equimus Academy Dressage Part 1: Warm-up with Nicola Baur-Rona

The Austrian dressage rider Nicola Baur-Rona introduces us to the five-year-old mare Petite Fleur. She gives us insights into the solving warm-up work she does with this talented young mare..

equimus Academy Dressur Teil 2: Trab-Entwicklung mit Nicola Baur-Rona

Im zweiten Teil unserer equimus Academy Dressur zeigt euch Nicola Baur-Rona mit dem 11-jährigen Solitaire Gold, wie sie ein bereits höher ausgebildetes Pferd aufwärmt und anschließend Trabarbeit durchführt. Von einem lockeren, easy Jogging bis hin zum ausdrucksstarken Trab.