Die Reitweste von equimus besteht aus recycelten Materialen. Die Vorderseite ist gesteppt und wärmt, die Rückseite besteht aus einem atmungsaktiven Stretch-Material.


      2 products

      2 products


      Our riding vest "MIRA" is made of 100% recycled materials. It has been optimized to meet the demands of riders: the front is quilted and filled with a warming wool. The back of the vest is made of breathable stretch material that provides perfect temperature management and won't make you sweat even during training. Whether the vest is worn just over a base or mid layer, or you wear it under a thicker jacket, it's the perfect companion for any season.

      The vest is deliberately cut a little shorter in the front than in the back. Thus, it does not lie on the saddle in front and warms the kidney and pelvic area in the back anyway. The two-way zipper also gives a perfect fit on the horse and can be opened from the bottom as desired.

      Both upper and filling material is made from recycled fabrics. The warm filling is a wool made from recycled PET bottles. As with all our products, we pay attention to fair, transparent production of our riding vest. "MIRA" is produced in Portugal in small, family-run factories.