The dressage and jumping saddle pads by equimus are based on an innovative 3-layer system that ensures maximum breathability and shock absorption. To achieve this functionality we focus on the original properties of the materials used. In an extensive product development process, different fibre compositions were tested to find the optimal material combination for high-quality and durable saddle pads.

      The inside of the saddle pad, which is in direct body contact with the horse's back, is made of a thin, but very robust 100% undyed organic cotton fabric. This makes the first layer particularly skin-friendly, breathable and robust. 

      A quilted, loosely padded filling of 100% recycled PET ensures the constant transport of heated air from the inside of the saddle pad to the outside and keeps the pad lightweight. Thus the climate under the saddle pad is always pleasant and no heat accumulation occurs. In case of increased athletic load and sweat formation, the breathability of the filling ensures that moisture is transported to the outside and the inside of the saddle pad remains dry.

      The outside of the saddle pad is made of 100% organic cotton which is optimized in terms of robustness and slip resistance. The saddle thus finds a firm hold and the saddle pad is protected from external damage. 

      The saddle pads of equimus can easily be machine washed at 30°.

      Our saddle pads are fitted to the natural ergonomics of the horse's back and therefore offer optimal freedom for movement.