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Die Produkte von equimus sind bis ins kleinste Detail designt und konzipiert.

Product conception & design down to the last detail

Sustainability starts with product development

Cradle to cradle, also der Kreislaufansatz ist für equimus und unser Design die grundlegende Basis für nachhaltige Produkte.


Die Kunstfaser in den equimus Produkten bestehen zu 100% aus recyceltem Polyester und PET
To increase the functionality and durability of our products, we use a selected proportion of synthetic fibers in our fabrics. The yarns for this are produced from recycled plastic by our Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified partners. By using innovative methods we try to keep the burden on our environment as low as possible and to use plastic waste in a sensible way.
We only use cotton from 100% ecologically sustainable cultivation in our products. No toxic chemicals are used, fewer emissions are produced and on average 88% less water and 62% less energy is needed than with conventional cotton. We do not only protect nature, but also humans and animals.
We use only sustainable and recycled materials for packaging and shipping our products. From our product packaging to cardboard and tissue paper to labels, we pay attention to sustainable production of plastic-free packaging. Manufacturing in Germany is important to us in order to minimize delivery routes and environmental pollution already here.