We treat ressources with respect. That is not only important to protect nature and animals - it is also the basis for highest quality and functionality, which is what we stand for at equimus.

We do not only focus on environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton, lyocell or recycled PET. Together with our manufacturers, we work on new, innovative material combinations that have the potential to change equestrian sports.

We want to drive innovation in equestrian sports!

We're developing fiber mixtures that optimize the performance as well as the comfort of our products. For that, we are focusing on the natural qualities of different natural and synthetic fibers - always with sustainability and environmental protection in mind.


At equimus, we do not work with animal leather or downy feathers.

Our wool is free of mulesing and is sourced only from strictly controlled animal farming.

Our fabric suppliers are all certified. That is how we ensure that we can track our supply chain from the material sources up to the final product.


Due to high quality materials and manufacturing, all equimus products are very durable. With the proper care, you will increase the lifespan of your product significantly. You can find detailed care instructions in the product description of each product on our website, or on the tag that is printed on the fabric.

The basis for all our products are sustainable, innovative material combinations. For this, we are constantly looking for new possibilities and ideas.

To increase functionality and durability of our products, we use a selected proportion of synthetic fibers. The yarn is produced from recycled plastic by our certified partners. With innovative methods, we work on minimizing environmental pollution as much as possible.

For our products, we only use cotton from 100% ecological, sustainable farming. This means that no harmful chemicals are used and emissions are minimized. Compared to conventional cotton, 88% less water and 62% less energy is used. We protect nature, people and animals.

We only use sustainable and recycled materials for the packaging and shipping of our products. We use sustainably procuced, plastic-free packaging like carton and silk paper. In case of returns, our cartons enter a "Second Life Cycle".